There are six options suitable for self-coaching – with headphones:

  1. You listen to the music of general calming to enable the ‚inner waves‘ to run more softly, when going to sleep, for general relaxation or to get yourself back into a good mood.
  2. You use the music simply in combination with instructed exercises from your elf-coaching books, which results in your personal ‚sound-coaching‘, which intensifies the effect of the exercises and becomes ‚woven into‘ all perception levels.
  3. You use the music in action, when doing something: while learning, clearing up, jogging, on the way to the airport, in the plane itself etc. Exercises are easier to complete, acts flow, endurance simply develops on its own or it is easy for you to increase and decrease speed when jogging – just to name some examples.
  4. You listen to wingwave music while learning – this ensures you can memorize the contents better. Brief tip: only touch the learning material after you have listened to the music for three minutes. In the description of the tracks, pay attention to the note concerning Effect: ‚good learning energy‘.
  5. You can also work with an unpleasant idea which will not get out of your head or feelings alone. Take this problem into the center of your perceptions. The left-right sounds and the music ensure that after just a few minutes the topic – just like a sweet which slowly melts – fades, becomes smaller and finally insignificant. WE describe this process in more detail in the exercise- ‚Overcoming physical blocks with wingwave music‘
  6. The sixth option is a simple and at the same time effective resource self-coaching which we present here as an exercise.

Increase your feeling of well-being with wingwave music