In addition to it balancing melodies, wingwave mainly has an impact due to its left-right beat which via stereo headphones auditively ‚touches‘ booth brain halves and therefore ensures ideal coordination of stimulation in all areas of the brain. This bilateral-auditive hemisphere stimulation helps to reduce performance stress and supports creative processes. The music must be listened to on headphones to ensure this self-coaching effect. In the background there are soothing natural sounds, pleasant or inspiring sounds. The rhythm is always ‚andante‘, like the heartbeat when at rest. This verifiably reduces the pulse rate and the level of excitation of the nervous system, calms you, eliminates all stress, increases your feeling of wellness and opens your horizon for solution-oriented positive perception and thinking.
The following diagram how a measurement using the Porta-Bioscreen unit which illustrates the harmonizing and calming effect of the wingwave CD in the brain halves. Electrodes were placed on the right and the left hand (red and blue curve) which measure skin resistance which is also an indicator for the state of excitation of our entire neuro-biology and thus also of our brain. After just five minutes of listening, there has been a clear development of relaxation and both measuring curves have synchronized.

Safety warning: Car drivers must not wear headphones when driving. If you also want to use the music in your vehicle you should have a good stereo system in your car which makes the left-right effect of the sounds clearly audible.

Info: all wingwave music albums are available as MP3 downloads!