You want to reduce stress, achieve goals, increase the general feeling of well-being? With wingwave self-coaching you will noticeably strengthen your inner balance and your mental potential for achieving your goals, because "wing" stands for emotion coaching and "wave" for successful thought management. The basis for your self-coaching is the special mental effect of the wingwave music, which brings all your brain areas - always with the use of headphones - into vibration with each other in an optimal way through the resting rhythm of the heart. This effect unfolds through "pure listening" as well as through the combination with targeted images and texts. For example, you can combine the exercises in our self-coaching books (also available here in the shop) with listening to wingwave music and thus internalize them more quickly.

wingwave coaches in your area will be happy to support you with individual coaching sessions and other self-coaching tips.
You can find addresses in the Coach-Finder.

Use the free download of the demo music "feelwave" (eight minutes) to get a first impression.

This is how wingwave music works

How wingwave sound coaching works

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