wingwave wurde durch mehr als 20 Hochschulstudien beforscht!

💡wingwave has been researched in over 20 university studies (diploma, doctoral, master and bachelor theses) since 2006. Of these, 21 were carried out at universities. The research results are a special feature in the coaching context!

💡All wingwave research was and is carried out with subjects who can be described as mentally healthy - therefore all studies have been devoted to the topic of coaching and performance optimization and not to the topic of healing. In all intervention studies, all subjects received an average of only 100 minutes of wingwave coaching.

Would you like to learn more about it? Then take your time and have a look around on the Wingwave homepage in the research and success control area! You can also see many of the results in the book: It's better with joy! reading.

Promote positive emotions and increase performance with wingwave. The wingwave coaching method can not only be used as a successful, fast and effective "stress buster", it also demonstrably strengthens positive emotions such as determination and joy. So far, these findings have been used primarily in sports: Athletes perform better in both sprints and long-distance runs when they are in a positive mood (through coaching). However, wingwave methods can also be easily transferred to other areas. Because not only in sports, but also in everyday life: It works better with joy! This book uses many examples to show how the emotion of joy can be conveyed in a targeted manner, which strategies coaches use and how people can benefit from the activating and inspiring energy of this positive emotion. The combination of wingwave and various resource-boosting NLP formats is also clearly explained.